Libro Martin Simon : Your Money or Your Life: Time for Both (inglés)


Action needs to be taken now before the damage to the social fabric of our society is irreversible. This groundbreaking book is part of a counter-movement, a new compassion, a growing understanding that local communities can choose a more caring and co-operative way forward. The book examines the many ways that people are rebuilding communities and includes the definitive description of a powerful social innovation called Timebanking which is connecting people once again to the places where they live and offering a rewarding and fair way for them to share their time and their skills. This collection of real life stories will show you how to find the time to become a valued member of a thriving local social network full of new contacts, opportunities and possibilities.

Your Money or Your Life: Time for Both

This beautifully crafted book is about the emergence of a powerful social movement that is reconnecting thousands of people with each other and to the places where they live.

When I first heard about Timebanking I was working as a community organiser and it was clear to me that our social environment was in serious trouble – people did not seem to know their neighbours or to mix freely with others in their local communities. 
I was convinced that we had to take action before the damage being caused to the social fabric of our society was irreversible. After looking at many other social innovations Timebanking seemed to me by far the best option and over the past ten years it has  grown faster than we ever expected. Every day more people are stepping aside from a totally money driven life style and becoming more fulfilled, more secure, more in control 
of their lives and more hopeful – by taking up timebanking. They are also rebuilding their neighbourhoods, making new friends and enjoying themselves for free!

I have been privileged to be at the centre of this quiet social revolution and have been keeping a record of all the ordinary, everyday ‘miracles’ that timebankng has brought about.” Martin Simon 

The book is the first to be written on timebanking in the UK and reminds us just how much we need each other. It shows us that as human beings we are ‘hard-wired’ to co-operate and it explores the different approaches that people are now using to break free from an ill advised dependency on financial remedies to our social problems.
It is an invitation to change your life and that of those around you, to enjoy a richer and happier life and be a part of a powerful new social movement

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